Happy Birthday to me…for you!

never saw a bulldyke cry in public beforeA few years when I was having a particularly hard um…decade, my amazing sister Beth gave me a present on HER birthday. She mentioned that it was a tradition from either Star Wars or Star Trek or maybe A Hobbit Thing, and it was very sweet and made me feel cared about and loved.

So for my 47th bday, I’m doing that same Star Trek/Wars/Hobbit/My Amazing Sister Beth thing; I’m recording an audio version of my latest book FREAK OF NURTURE that you can download 100 percent free. But I’m doing it one chapter at a time, releasing one a week, and the chapters are selected to go along with the theme ON MY 47th BIRTHDAY; FOUR THINGS I KNOW AND SEVEN THINGS I AM STILL GETTING WRONG.

So here’s thing #1 I know; EVERYONE CRIES ON THE A TRAIN.


The world is messed up. We’ve got plenty to cry about. And contrary to what I’m pretty sure I read in children’s book only sold in rural Wisconsin, there is not a Toughness Fairy that collects all your unshed tears in a golden bottle and gives you cash for them at the end of each decade of life.

Listen (or download) right here!

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